currently seeking illustrators for issue #3


Quotidian Literary Magazine is on the lookout for talented illustrators - both emerging and established - around Scotland to feature in the print edition of our third issue. We're looking for artists who can create beautiful narrative work based on the prose and poetry of Quotidian. Each issue we feature cover art and internal illustrations from a number of artists and we've had some fantastic illustrations so far, with cover art by Wil Freeborn for Issue #1 and Phoebe Roze for Issue #2, and internal illustrations by Kirsti Beautyman, Federica Giardino, Jade Hall, M-C Redman, and Vivian Uhlir. You can find photographs of these illustrations: here. This year we’re looking to maintain that same high quality and would love for you to get in touch. 

Note: Quotidian is a labour of love, run by students and showcasing student (and recent graduate) writing. Unfortunately this means that we can't offer any payment (we're a free not-for-profit magazine and can't pay our editors/writers either. Alas. This makes us sad). But, we are the biggest champions of the writers and artists that work with us, even if we are unable to give them a cheque and we will do our very best to share and promote your beautiful work to our readers who span across the whole of Scotland (and beyond).  

How to apply

If you’re an illustrator and think your style of work would fit well with our magazine, please contact us at with: a paragraph or so about yourself and your work, and a link to your portfolio or an attachment of at least 5 examples of your style (jpgs or pdfs accepted). Deadline for applications: 13th March 2017 (midnight). 

written submissions for issue #3 are currently closed

submission guidelines (for when we reopen)

who can submit:

We are a student-led magazine and currently only accept submissions from students and recent graduates* who are studying/have studied in Scottish universities and colleges.

(*within the past three years)

what are we looking for:

Fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and short films on the theme of 'the everyday'. We are also looking for illustrators for our print edition (see below for details on this).

important details

There is no minimum length from prose or poetry, but please keep stories under 1,000 words each, and poetry should be no longer than 50 lines each. Please do not send more than 3 entries per issue. Short films should be no longer than 10 minutes (though ideally: the shorter the better).

Submissions must broadly fit the theme (i.e. ‘the everyday’ or ‘ordinary’) of the magazine. We recommend that you read our recent publications before submitting your work.

A note on the theme: nothing is too small or "ordinary" to write about. (Because that’s kind of the point: even the smallest most ‘ordinary’ things can be weighted with significance.) In fact the seemingly ‘smaller’ the better. In our debut issue, for example, our writers wrote stories and poems that took place in the everyday moments we so often skim over: a woman running a bath, school boys learning to dance, two friends having a conversation, a man riding the bus. And they kind of blew us away. Have a piece of writing that you think might fit that description? We’d love to read it!

Submissions should be emailed to editors.quotidian [at] with the submission type (i.e. FICTION, CREATIVE NONFICTION, POETRY or FILM) as the subject line. 

Please attach each submission as an individual Word doc. And please follow traditional manuscript formatting (i.e. double-spaced, page numbers, 12pt legible font, no comic sans etc.) Do not include your name on the submission document itself.

Submissions must include a separate cover page. This must be a separate document to your submission. This should include: your name; address and contact information; the title of your creative piece; your course, year of study and place of study; and a few sentences about yourself to accompany your work (this can be a formal “My name is x” or something more creative; no more than 100 words).


All pieces selected for publication will appear on our website in a weekly rotation throughout the course of the term. However, only certain pieces will be published in print. You will be notified after selection for online publication if your piece is to be featured in our print magazine.

Thank you for considering Quotidian as a home for your published work!