Launch Party in Photos


Here are some (slightly belated) pictures from our Issue One Print Launch Party back in May. As far as parties go, it was a pretty good one (if we do say so ourselves). We had balloons, and live music, and cake, and strawberries, and readings, and slam poetry, and candles, and wine, and so many people came along we actually ran out of chairs. We had no awkward dancing. No flashing lights. No this-song-is-too-loud-so-I-need-to-shout-to-make-myself-heard-and-now-I’ve-lost-my-voice-and-have-gone-deaf issues. (General party-related complaints). Not bad.

Thanks to everyone who came along, and to the Project Café for hosting us. We're now making preparations for Issue 2 (deadline for submissions December 1st 2015) and will keep you posted on that!

(Photo credit: Marie-Louise Patton, Andrew Reid and Melissa Reid)