Photo by Beth McCallum

Photo by Beth McCallum

You are floating in muddy water.
Your skin,
lets me know it is you.

Beneath the surface
your legs are soft,
silky thin in the dark.
The perfect toes
milk drops
amongst the silt.

Your shoulders
break the surface
with barely a ripple.
They are
pale blue teacups
pink salmon curls
a yellow letter: m.

You are squinting in the sun
your glossy forehead
lets freckles fall
and catch,
on the button
of your nose.

Millie Earle-Wright is studying towards an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. She says: 'I grew up on a rural farm in the Highlands and frequently return there, to work part time for a small tree surgery company, in the blowing Scottish wind. I read, write and ride my bicycle whenever I find a free afternoon and am looking forwards to the return of long evenings of light.'