Sunday Morning Symphonies

Photo by Stephen O'Shea

Photo by Stephen O'Shea

I was four years old
when I realised I could hear–

not the timbre
of a voice that pleads

forgive me;

but the dour sound
of an empty pier in winter,

or the noiseless cry
of one white sock

left to wilt upon the floor.

I am a purveyor
of secret silences–

one who trades
in nonophonic notes.

The naked ear will listen
if you tell it what to hear–

breadcrumbs on the table;
a fence post in the grass;

the best of awkward silences.

Can you feel it?
That inaudible tremor

in the whispers
of the weary–

it’s the sound
that loneliness makes.

Rachel Grande is studying towards an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. Of herself, she writes: 'Rachel Grande: coffee-drinker, dog-hugger, and a postgraduate student of Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. Things I like to write: poetry. Things I am afraid of: poetry.'