Little Storm


Photo by Louise Logan

I wash my little sister’s hair,
find peace in the way her dimpled hands clutch
a flannel to her face
as I rinse it through,
one palm on her forgetful forehead,
I am reminded of my grandmother’s cool skin
on mine, as she did the same for me
a decade ago, perched on the side of the peach coloured bath,
three large shells on the windowsill,
which I heard the ocean through,
my sister does not need shells to hear
the waves, they are at our doorstep now,
every walk on the beach turns into a swim,
then a rescue mission,
my boots abandoned on the sand, skirt tucked into my knickers,
to grab her frozen but grinning,
accidentally anchored by wellies full of water,
she belongs to the sea more than I ever have,
and it belongs to her.

Evangeline Sellers is in her final year studying English and Creative Writing at University of Strathclyde. She says: 'My poem ‘Between’ was published in Issue 2 of Quotidian which was a lovely experience. In an attempt to be less of a cliché of a writer, I am letting my very outdoorsy younger brother teach me how to boulder. This is improving 1) how amusing I am to him & 2) my falling skills. In return, I have been making him read my poems. I think I got the better end of the deal.'