Photo by Stephen J O'Shea

Photo by Stephen J O'Shea

1.) alongside a river in the Scottish highlands

The scenic route, that’s what he said,
and boy, it’s beautiful
but no glen can cure this hangover
and we keep dropping off in the backseat, foreheads knocking against windows
and I think your dad might know who stole the champagne
but he hasn’t said anything yet, and now we’ve stopped,
dipped off the side of the road, tumbling
out - flask in one arm, dog in the other –
into the wildflowers, growing up above my knees
and down, down to the river,
where your little sister, half submerged already,
gap teeth and an explosion of freckles,
is scooping up fresh water mussels, and then
there’s us dipping our toes in, teeth clinking
on stainless steel mugs, watching.

2.) your car on the A36 towards Bristol

Another South West summer jam
and this blue box is falling apart around us,
but it doesn’t matter
because I know this machine like the back of my hand
and we’ve got enough duct tape to stick
it back together again - and well,
if that doesn’t work
we can eat sandwiches in the back of a tow truck, but for now
we click aniseed balls against our teeth and punch
each other when we see a yellow car,
and I put my feet up on the dashboard, drum
my canvas soles on the patchwork sunlight and glance
at you and your face full of magic, laughing at the radio show
as we roll a mile an hour.

3.) a motel in the American west

We’re somewhere between here and there,
the only light coming from the stars, the moon slumped
across the tarmac
and the neon sign with the buzz that hurts my eyes,
even when I’m no longer looking,
and we’re enjoying our all american dream, sunglasses tans
and too big jumpers over too small shorts,
dining out from the vending machine,
me, half asleep on a plastic chair, you, tiptoeing along
the poolside, telling me about the first law of thermodynamics, except
you call it the science behind soulmates
and I’m not very good at physics,  
but I’m pretty sure you’re mixing theories here, and anyway,
you only know this because I was the one that told you, but
I keep quiet because you’re smiling just like you did
on that first school trip, when we had to share our headmaster’s suit jacket
because we fell in that pond
when we were five.

Evangeline Sellers is in her 3rd year studying Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Strathclyde. She says of herself, 'I still haven’t grown out of wanting to become an astronaut and I’m patiently waiting for NASA to realise they want a pet poet. I like to write stories to read aloud to my little brother and sister at bedtime, and poems about "what if".'