Sauchiehall Street 3am

Photo by Melissa Reid

Photo by Melissa Reid

Rain bleeds down the windows
of stationary cars,
and clots in drainage grates.

Oblivious they sit
for the blurred dissection
of last night’s hopes
in last week’s news.

Through vinegar pinched lips
comes the weekly roundup:

Of things he (nearly) said
to bug eyed bouncers,
and the stuttered roll call
of girls he knew were trouble,
stumbled stories told

between drags

and told again.
Regurgitated words falling over themselves
To be heard.

Ellen Renton is a third year undergraduate English Literature student at the University of Glasgow. She's previously had work published in Octavius Magazine, was shortlisted for the Remarque Poetry Prize 2014 and won The Time Is Now Prize 2015. She has performed poetry at Inn Deep, Loud Poets, came second in the 2015 Aloud Slam and participated in the BBC and Roundhouse project Words First.