Late Night Thoughts

photo by Melissa Reid

photo by Melissa Reid

I planted my roses in a crystal vase
my hopes in a paper cup.
I did not take the right path
I dropped the words out of my pockets
in the drains of these narrow streets
I let them get lost.
I forgot how to forgive
my younger self
I prayed that those rumors would stop producing echoes
in my eardrums

I have no voice to speak
my soles are worn out from too much running
and I no longer remember the sound of the waves in the shells.
But there’s a silver lining
tattooed on my wrist
indelibly marked as the scars on my knee
and nothing is lost when I remember
that there is still time.
Because when I will get up in the morning
from a restless night of broken dreams
I will know that I have a chance
to lean out
and breathe
listen to the sound of all the things I do not know
I do not own

and water my roots with a paper cup.

Federica Giardino is a 2nd-year architecture student at the University of Strathclyde. She describes herself as having "this passion for the littlest things and moments; coffee breaks, sweaters' paws to hide your hands, finding notes in old books, train journeys sitting by the window. I am a writer and an artist, and I certainly am neither. But, little by little, I am learning what it means to believe in one's self."