photo by Melissa Reid

photo by Melissa Reid

All year round I look out on this:
a potholed road, then, immediately
the colossal hulk of the M8

stories high. Bequeathed beneath,
a toppled trolley abandoned by jokers
and the entire contents of a council skip. 

After dark the view is offered
eternity by grace of floodlights.
All year I look out at these comings 

and goings: motley traffic, dog-walkers,
the wind’s paper proofs.
May’s bluebells – heads brazen

and absolute – prick the ugly canvas blue
to wither, unaware
of their chance masterpiece.

Stephen Elliot, the University of Strathclyde. Stephen says: "I’m a Belfast man, currently living in Glasgow as I finish off my English Lit. degree. It was in my early university years that I developed a deep interest in writing, focusing predominantly on poetry and drawing significant influence from Ireland’s wealth of revered writers, as well as those further from home."