Two Poems


(ONE). Observations from my Study Window 


Studying in my eerie
Another grey day
Hills partially visible
Raindrops forming on the telegraph wires
Like glassy pearl drops
A bird lands
All smashed

Photo by Stephen O'Shea

Photo by Stephen O'Shea

(Two). Country Road


My tired legs,
in their thirteenth mile,
work on below me, my eyes too taken
with the blue sky to care if I'm making
pace. I haven't seen the sun so bright
in a long time. Perhaps it's always here, blazing down
on this lonely, Stirlingshire road, where no one can see it.
In this moment, I am the only person in the world.

Jo Noblett is presently researching the role prison officers play in desistance and rehabilitation of offenders.  She enjoys reading poetry and receiving poems written for her by her husband. She recently took her Grade 1 violin test, which was nerve wracking to say the least.  With her husband, she holds a Burns Supper in her home every year for a few close friends where poetry is read, music recited, songs sung and, of course, toasting the bard.

Ross Sayers is 22-year-old Creative Writing Masters student at the University of Stirling. He hopes to be a novelist someday, if he can find the time to fit in writing around watching old episodes of The Simpsons. (You can find his short story 'Dancin': here. And his poem 'The Driver Has Gotten Out and is Smoking a Cigarette': here.)