- illustrations from the print editions -


Each print issue, we've been delighted to feature some beautiful illustrations by artists who are working and/or studying in Scotland. Most of these pieces were specially commissioned for our magazine. (If you hover over the images, you can find out more details about the artists. You can also click on them to see them in more detail.)


This beautiful colour image featured in Issue #1 and is by JADE HALL. It was commissioned to accompany Leonie Charlton's story 'Bath Fatigue' which you can read: here.

This commissioned piece, by JADE HALL, accompanied Katie Ailes' poem 'Driveways' from Issue #1 which you can find: here. Jade is a graphic design student at City of Glasgow College and describes herself as ‘a self-confessed analytical type, who all too often gets lost in the beauty of the moment.’ 

Issue #1 cover (titled 'One Cove Road, Gourock') was by WIL FREEBORN. Wil is an artist and illustrator living in Gourock, Scotland. He likes to draw and paint as much as he can things he sees where he lives and travels. You can find more of his artwork on his website: here and his Instagram: here.

This piece featured in Issue #1 and was drawn by FEDERICA GIARDINO, an architecture student at the University of Strathclyde. You can read Federica's poem poem 'Late Night Thoughts' here.

This piece, by VIVIAN UHLIR, accompanied the poem Tsukumogami in Issue #2 (which you can read: here). Vivian is a student of Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Her interests straddle literature and psychology, and she currently works as Head of Illustration for The Columnist magazine.

This piece featured alongside Haiku: Calais Everyday in Issue #2. M-C REDMAN, the artist, graduated from the Painting and Printmaking department of Glasgow School of Art in 2013. While originally from Essex, she now lives in Glasgow where she explores the idea of a social hierarchy maintained by elitist culture and politics. Her imagery is created using pencil, ink, watercolour, and oil paint (but not all at the same time).

This piece featured alongside 'Little Things' in Issue #2 (which you can read: here). KIRSTI BEAUTYMAN is an illustrator from Newcastle Upon Tyne studing a BA hons in Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art. Find her online at: kirstibeautyman.co.uk.

Issue #2's beautiful was created by PHOEBE ROZE and was inspired by Carly Brown's short story 'Fresh Water'. Phoebe is an illustrator from the Highlands of Scotland. Currently studying at Duncan of Jordanstone, she has a fervent interest in folklore, identity and sense of place. She works in a number of disciplines including ceramics, book-making, print-making and textiles. Find more of her work online at phoeberoze.tumblr.com.

This piece by M-C REDMAN featured alongside Wingtip in Issue #2 (which you can read: here).

This featured alongside 'Fresh Water' in Issue #2. The artist is PHOEBE ROZE (who was also our cover artist).

This featured alongside 'Fresh Water' in Issue #2. The artist is PHOEBE ROZE (who was also our cover artist).

This piece, by VIVIAN UHLIR, accompanied the poem Between in Issue #2 (which you can read: here).